Posted on nov 11, 2010

E’ la pioggia che va, e ritorna il sereno

Valutazione di patto ambientale mirando all"'io ho sempre ragione"

La seconda puntata della mini serie Tino is on the table presenta le parole di un pezzo trallallà con elettronica dimissionaria e batterie che, per pigrizia, non sono mai state sostituite da quelle suonate sul serio. Parla di prospettive, o meglio di assenza di prospettive, di matrimoni da parto e speranze appese a una pistola. Di Sicilia, insomma.

LIFE GOES ON (scritta il 23.07.08, forse)

Tellaro “Life goes on” by 2ndrec

You’re stuck with your mind set throughout
Said J to his mother of one thousand no
Killed every lover for each plan you’re about.

There’s hope for everyone
Especially those with a gun
Alternatively politicians
Which is the same but with less suspicion.

Ask them what’s left to be known
Go dancing tango like all that’s got four weeks to go
What wonderful words did he put in your head?

Scratching & itching for istitutional bets
Joy is technicalia in life
Sicily’s just not meant to be right.

You won’t be fathers
You won’t be mothers
Maybe you’ll play at your wedding, sucker.

Life goes on
If that is what it does
You get its buzz
Life goes on
If that is what it does
It’s what it does.