Posted on ago 12, 2012


Stiamo scrivendo nuovi pezzi.
Non sappiamo dove finiranno e quando saranno pronti.
In perfetto stile Tellaro.

Posted on lug 3, 2009

New Recordings

Monday 6th Tellaro will be recording new tracks with the help of some dear friends down in Catania, Zen Arcade. The air around the project is not perfectly stated, all we seem to know is that some keywords are simple, un-epic, singable, even more singable, Jesus walked everywhere.

Posted on mag 21, 2009

Remix Contest Results

Latest info & details here.

Posted on feb 27, 2009

Location: here.

My life’s a fraction of the money in my pocket with a little soap on. A visual comment to that song is a pretext for us to invite friends over for dinner. In Italy every one is a Football Coach. And a video director. The result will not be a must-see MTV ambitious masterpiece, that’s for sure, but hey, we were never meant to be the first of the row. More video news next week.untitled-1.jpg

Posted on feb 21, 2009


Tellaro would like to thank every one out there who’s showed their interest in “Jars, jams, and you” out two months ago.
Thanks for your support.



PS: Here‘s a thought we feel like agreeing with.