Posted on nov 7, 2013

Pola – new release

Posted on nov 4, 2010


vinyl compound is any organic compound that contains a vinyl group (Preferred IUPAC name ethenyl).[1] Vinyl groups (formula ?CH=CH2) are derivatives of ethene, CH2=CH2, with onehydrogen atom replaced with some other group. An industrially important example, is vinyl chloride, precursor to PVC, a plastic commonly known as “vinyl”.

The etymology of vinyl is the Latin vinum = “wine“, because of its relationship with alcohol (in its original sense of ethyl alcohol). Related to vinyl compounds are vinylidenes. Vinylidene itself, a rare species of theoretical interest, is a modified carbene with the formula CH2=C:.[2] Vinylidenes describe compounds containing the functional group CX2=C. For example, 1,1-dichloroethene (CH2=CCl2) is called vinylidene chloride. [source WIKIPEDIA]

Questo per dire che il sondaggio è stato abbastanza chiaro: volete il vinile (con relativo download digitale). Mentre ponderiamo sull’etimo di vinile-vinum, vi diciamo grazie per aver giocato con noi e ci chiudiamo in sala prove per un po’.

Posted on set 23, 2010

Iròi – Where You Were Now


Vi invito ad ascoltare il primo (grande!) lavoro di Pietrò Iannuzzi, in arte Iròi, Where you were now, 42/24 Records


Posted on feb 23, 2010

New album on iTunes

Tellaro iTunes

Easy & Clean.

P.S.  If you don’t like mp3s nor you dig iTunes, you can order a hardcopy writing to tellaros @
(remove blanks before sending)


Posted on ago 15, 2009

We’re at it again


The CD version of Tellaro’s recent album “Jars, Jams and You” is now available. It contains all 11 tracks from the online edition, plus a cover version of Xtina Aguilera’s “Fighter” and remixes by Multi Panel and Iròi.

The CD comes in a hand-stamped cardboard sleeve, with a 6-page booklet and a lyric sheet. Only recycled papers have been used.

It’s €10 including shipping within Germany, €12 within Europe and €15 for international orders. To order, simply drop us an email.

Posted on mag 22, 2009

Outtakes #2

dsc_6899.jpgAs foreseen in a previous post, we eventually managed to find some extra outtakes from 2004 “Setback on the right track” sessions. We got rid of muck and published just what we still like. Here’s what we found:

  • The dark age (The Sound cover)
  • It
  • Velia (solo piano outtro)

And this is the place when you can have a listen.

Posted on mag 13, 2009


We have decided to put online some old tracks which could not make it to the first EP back in 2004. We chose to release them @ this link. We’re looking for the “Setback on the right track” outtakes. If we’re successful we’ll put online those ones too.