marzo 24, 2007


Hello. We are two people and come from Sicily. We’re not the typical band that plays down the basement and tours on a regular basis. We meet each other 2 or 3 times a year to write down new tunes, talk about anything and nothing and most of all drink all together. Try it, it’s nice. We open books and close magazines (the indie ones mostly). We are not into social network friends and we end up enjoying saying goodbye to some of the real ones too. We’ve never played a gig after releasing “Jars jams & you” but we think this tradition is to be broken sooner or later. Can’t tell why our fingers seem crooked when they get close to the “send” button, but interaction is very much welcome here, so get your head out of your jumper and say hello. Talk less, enjoy.

A short bio from 2nd Rec website

In the beginning, Tellaro was just a side project. For years, Francesco Cantone (Twig Infection), Carmelo Sciuto (Jericas) and Tazio Iacobacci (Keen Toy) had been playing in bands where calm and quiet sounds simply didnt fit in, so in the summer of 2001 they decided to experiment with a new strain of low volume music. Soon these sporadic meetings became a regular fixture.

In spring 2004 Tellaro released their first ever EP, followed by extensive tours of Italy and Germany. Now the band return with Setback On The Right Track, their first full-length album. All eleven songs were recorded at home or at their friends Zen Arcade studio in Catania. In these familiar surroundings they were able to experiment at leisure, try out new things and, if needs be, discard them again without wasting any thoughts on costly studio time. Whenever they felt ready to lay down a track, they simply pushed the Record button. This spontaneous and informal recording process, continuing on and off for nearly a year, allowed Tellaro to capture different moods and those special moments that keep cropping up during their sessions.

By adding a computer to their repertory, Tellaro introduced entirely new facets to their sound. Painstaking electronic arrangements, as those featured on the opener 1985, or angular electro pop songs like Terracotta might have sat awkwardly between the tracks of their self-titled debut EP, yet on Setback On The Right Track they blend in seamlessly with sparsely instrumented acoustic numbers or songs recorded with a traditional classic rock line-up. All eleven tracks are pervaded by Tellaros extraordinary talent for catchy yet surprising melodies and harmonies.

Johannes, 2nd Rec

2008: Tellaro is now a duo (Iacobacci-Cantone) and “Jars, jams, and you” is their first full-length recording.

2010: siamo in 4 (Iacobacci, Natoli, Cantone, Cataudo) e stiamo scrivendo nuove cose.

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